How to fill a bean bag

If you have a bean bag case that you are wondering how to fill this is our step by step guide to the easiest way to fill our knitted bean bag chair case. 

You will need:

The amount of bean bag beads you will need depends on your comfort preference and the size of your bean bag case. 

-Child size: 3 - 5 cu ft (85-130L)

-Adult size: 5 - 8 cu ft (140-200L)

-Extra Large size: 10 - 12 cu ft (280 - 340L)

These approximate measurements should give you some filling left over for future top ups or refills. If you would like a more firm bean bag aim for the maximum amount of filling for your size bean bag case.

-Funnel if possible or cardboard roll from used kitchen roll towels or hand made funnel

-Extra person to help

Top Tips:

-Pour the filling in slowly to allow the filling to distribute inside the whole bean bag. Shake the lining case to encourage the filling to move down deeper into the bean bag and corners otherwise you will end up with it stuck at the top of the case.

-Aim for at least the minimum amount of beads filling suggested above to begin with and the test for comfort. You can then add more as you prefer. Please not the more beads in the case the bigger the bean bag will also be as this stretched out the knitted case. 

-The zip should close easily and the case should not be overfilled to bursting.

-If you prefer a softer bean bag or want to increase the longevity of your bean bag filling you can mix foam crumb with the traditional bean bag bead as your filling.