Which bean bag filler is best?

If your wondering which bean bag filler is best to use, I've put together my favourite bean bag fillers that have been tried and tested by us below.

EPS Beads

Although not the most sustainable they will last as long as your bean bag cover! They shouldn't end up in landfill as they can be left in the bean bag and added to or if the bean bag is replaced the filling can then be transferred to a new bean bag and reused. 

You might be wondering if they are safe to use and according to a study carried out by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control found that they were 100% safe. 

As for comfort they meet all the requirements of how you expect a bean bag to feel and create that firm but soft feeling as you sink into your bean bag chair. 

Foam Crumb

If you are looking for an ultra soft filling this is the filling you should choose! If you fill your bean bag chair completely with foam crumb it will feel almost like sitting on a cloud. To make this more of an environmentally friendly option look to purchase offcuts of foam and foam crumbs from businesses such as upholsters who will sell them at a low price or even give them away so that they don't end up in landfill. Foam is also great at holding it's shape and will spring back to it's original shape quickly increasing the longevity of your beanbag cushion, it's also found in lots of upholstered furniture in the home for this reason.