Which bean bag size is best for adults?

Which bean bag size is best for adults?

If you are looking for an adult bean bag chair you will want to choose one of our adult sizes that are designed to be most comfortable for adults in mind.

Large size: Approximately 110cm length x 90cm width

Our most popular size! As well as adults this bean bag size is great for teens and children and it's quite versatile for most spaces. It can suit a corner of a room or can become a central statement to a room depending on your space. It's most suited to living rooms, bedrooms, cinema rooms or snugs but can be easily moved around your home due to its versatility. 

Extra Large size: Approximately 125cm length x 100cm width

Just like the large size this bean bag size is great for teens as well as adults! The perfect statement for a room whilst giving you extra support for your back and legs due to the extra length and width. 

The Ultimate size: Approximately 135cm length x 105cm width

The biggest bean bag we make and we designed this in mind for extra comfort. If your looking for a giant size bean bag this is the bean bag for you! Great for all adults looking for a comfortable, cosy bean bag chair. 

My tip for maximising the comfort of your bean bag is adding our giant bean bag floor cushion to any of our bean bags to create the ultimate comfortable chair that the whole family will be fighting for! They are all made in our same 13 colour range so you can match your pieces or mix and match to fit in with your home decor.